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    Unhappy runnin short of money!!!

    sup guys. it seems like my last cycle i posted up wont happen anytime soon. for the quick time i can afford
    prop 50mg/ed wk1-6
    fina 75mg/ed wk1-6
    winny 50mg/ed wk1-6
    is this even worth a cycle?? or should i wait a couple of months and do
    prop 50mg/ed wk1-13
    fina 75mg/ed wk7-13
    eq 400mg/wk wk1-10
    what should i do?

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    Its up to you But i would wait and do the cycle that you really want.
    I know your anxious. i couldnt wait to start juicing again lucky for me i had saved up for all i needed. we know ypou will do whats right :P

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