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    USA Vs Canada Vs Australia

    I saw a segment on Australian 60 minutes last year that claimed per capita Australian teens were the most likely to experiment with steroids world wide. I just can't see how that's possible given what we see coming out of the USA as far as young athletes and even just posters on these boards.

    Some of the kids stats on here are very impressive and would put you guys right up here with the best few of us in Australia, but I just want to know if 200 pound 16 year olds are common or freaks like they are here in Oz? I assume in sport over there it normal. Kill or be killed. For example, one of my best friends was Australian wrestling champ for age at 16, and he said at an international meet in Melbourne he went up against 16 year olds from the US and Russia who were 15-20 lbs of lean beef over him. He said he nearly had his limbs torn off.

    I can't see Australia being anywhere near the USA on teenage steroid use given the cut throat nature of high school sport over there. When you throw in the amount of Canadians on these boards it makes me think that they might be pushing the old US for top mantle on the subject too. So who's the king when it comes to junior juice?

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    I think it is hard to measure this sh*t, kinda like sex studies. You know the ones where everyone claims to have a ten inch wanker and gets laid 20+ times a week on average. IMO steroids and honesty are not usually in the same sentence. I think it's partly cause of society's dumb ass views of AS.

    I have no idea about other parts of Canada, but I live in the southern central part of BC and here steroids are the norm amongst guys 15-35.
    I had no idea how many people were on the sh*t until I started using. So many that I'm still amazed at how many people use the stuff!

    Steroids and elite level athletics just goes without saying. That's just steroids on the grandest stage of all.

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