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Thread: eq and t3

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    eq and t3

    I am going to do a simple cycle of 400mg of eq wk 1-10 and use a low
    dose of t3 throughout the cycle. I am looking for about 5-10 lbs
    of lean mass. I am really only using the t3 to keep the fat off since
    I am not eating for the spring and summer anymore. What would be a
    good dose of t3 to use to aid in protein synthesis and to keep the fat
    off but not become catabolic. I am will be eating around 3500 calories
    a day and doing cardio very lightly 3 times a week for thirty minutes?

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    25mcg to 50mcg daily

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    I would go with the lower dose of 12.5 - 25mcg / day...XXL

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    I'm with Mike I think I would just use 12.5 mcg/day. Not like you should be adding much fat on an EQ only cycle unless your diet is really bad.

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