Hey everyone just wanted to say hi and send a new thread out to space

3 weeks ago I start tren at 100mg ed. After 2 weeks I found that I just didn't have an appatite. I was up 12-15 pounds . I experenced a hardening of my muscles that I just was not expecting I started to shrink in size but my weight was up so know problem ( i think this was in my mind ....everyone I know has been asking what I've been doing ) something is very noticable I don't see it ........I had this problem when I was younger and tring to grow my hair long...it was always short to me even when it was halfway down my back........can you say obsession

back to the story sorry about that tangent .......I had a few days when I just couldn't force myself to stick to my diet , didn't go to the gym for 2 days and slept alot atleast 12 hr a day ( i lost acouple pounds sleeping )worked out at home today and the pump is huge and to top it off food is the bomb. Im eating every hr not every 2 hr....... things are back on track. I took 2 shots of b12 this week .I don't know how that helped ......

wonderning how time release protein is working ....someone said something about tring it .......soundoff let me know how it's working ?

I want to increase digestion. What can be done besides enzymes......?

Anyone else hibernate on a cycle?

Im back......hope everyone is doing well train hard