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Thread: Updating Cycle.

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    Updating Cycle.

    Hey Guys.

    I am currently on a cycle (3rd week)

    This is the cycle i am on

    1-10 weeks 400 mg/week of Eq
    1-11 weeks 400 mg/week of Enthante.
    8-13 weeks 50 mg/day of winny
    Clomid post cycle.

    I am dieting extermly hard and have enough winny to do 10 weeks.
    This would change my cycle i am on to

    1-10 weeks 400 mg/week of Eq
    1-11 weeks 400 mg/week of Enthante.
    4-13 weeks 50 mg/day of winny
    Clomid post cycle.

    Would you think it would be okay to start winny next week? I will be sure to use ALA, milk thistle and liver flush drink.

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    first one question why are u running the test 11 weeks and the eq 10?they should be run the same ampunt of time they both take 19-21 days to metabolise out your system so what u have dosent make sence .run them both to 10 weeks .as for the winny personaly i wouldnt run it that long but thats just me beeing cautious it is 17 alk .but on the mild side .i know people who have ran it 8 weeks and where ok but it varys from person to better safe then sorry.stick to the way u had it .

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    hey bro,
    stick to what you had planned time and dosage wise. enan will taper out of your system in roughly 2 weeks and the eq in roughly 3, so your timing on the injectable portion of your cycle is good. keep the winny at 8-13. no need to run it 10 weeks.

    peace bb79

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    i liked plan A better bro for the same reasons as posted above

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    Run what you've already planned, but I guess these guys already said that.


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