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Thread: Cycle questions

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    Cycle questions

    Hi all, i haven't been around for awhile, posting at least but let me tell everyone that i researched and questioned every person site etc before starting my first cycle and this site by far provided the most informative. Anyway a little over a year ago i did my first cycle (Deca and Dbol ) and had absolutly amazing results. Now i'm older, wiser, BIGGER, and preparing for my next cycle. I have come across some Propinate and some Winstrol tabs along with some suspention for the ride.
    Basically i'm asking for recomended injection frequencies for prop and suspention and i'm wondering what kind of results i can honeestly expect compared to the Deca which i loved. ALso i'm thinking about spot injections in the Bi's and maybe tri's. Good Idea or no? Should i throw in some Dbol? Will this cut me up at all as i would like more cuts than overall mass

    24 years old
    6'3 230

    Thanks you moderators are the best

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    Personally I think suspension should be shot twice a day and prop once a day but you can get away with suspension once a day. I wouldn't bother with dbol since you are trying to cut and you have suspension test. You can spot inject suspension and prop. Since you haven't said how much of each you are doing it is hard to estimate gains although I don't like to do that to much anyway.

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