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    Drug testing on that EAS shape up comp?

    Can anyone fill me in on any drug testing measures that are in place for those EAS/Bill Phillips (squeezer!) shape up contests (I can't remember what the stupid things are called).

    The reason I ask is because in Australia the guy who won (or placed highly?) a few years back was a cheat. The contest is supposed to be on the level, ie a vehicle for EAS supplements and the results one can expect to achieve by using them, but this tool was a solid dealer. He fattened up like a rice bubble for the comp and then won by getting ripped on under-the-counter juice and Clenbuterol he was pushing from his supplement store. I knew his logistic connection personally.

    Surely the EAS comp organisers and the many others like them have some measures to maintian the integrity of the contest? Otherwise the considerable $$ attached to them will become easy pickings for cheaters.

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    I do believe they test for A/S but as far as I have heard they let you know when and they don't do it for several months after the initial judging. There is plenty of time to clean your system if you are smart about it. This is what I have read and am not totally sure about how true it is.


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    Check the small print.

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