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    cutting cycle question

    On week 4 of 8-10 week cycle 400mg/wk deca -500mg/wk sust. I am 5'9 185lbs and about 15%bf. I eat clean, lift and cardio intensly. I want to start a cutting cycle after. Need help. As of now I plan to brigde for 2 weeks with clen . Then want to start winny/eq stack.(have plenty) I was thinking about adding primo depot to that stack-is that smart? What advice for dosages? And I know that I should take clomid three weeks after the sust ends, should that change because I plan on taking winny during that time. Any advice would be great and I have access to pretty much whatever I want.

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    not where I want to be
    take time off before you start your cutting cycle. Your body needs it

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    theres many ways to do it but i would take time off like he said.

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