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Thread: taper question

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    taper question

    all right guys, I need a little there any benefit to a taper up to a dosage. if your body will up regulate estrogen production seeking homeostasis regardless, why not start a cycle with 400mg deca then taper off to let your hormone levels return to normal?

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    Are you saying increase your dosage throughout a cycle or decrease it at the end? Well I will address both. While some believe increasing dosages throughout a cycle allows to get over "sticking" points the fact is one takes a while on longer esters to achieve the maximum blood concentration levels. By continually increasing those dosages you throw your hormone levels more out of sorts and quite often see an increase in sides. The reason tapering down is not effective is because essentially you are still shut down regardless of whether you are doing 900 mg of deca a week or 200. There is no increase in recovery time or it is negligible when one uses clomid. Most of us feel that a steady hormone level gives the best results with the least sides. Frontloading is a different issue but I won't attack it on this thread.

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    Tapering up I think would be very beneficial on longer cycles....increasing the dose gradual as each plateau is met to keep the gains coming steady.....

    As far as tapering down, useless, steroids have half lives so ALL of them are self tapering.....some just do it faster than others....drugs like deca and eq take the longest to clear the system while unesterified drugs will leave rather quickly. The problem with assuming hormone levels will return is that they will not as long as an exogenous source of hormone is present. So by tapering your doses you are in effect causing more harm than good b/c you will be lowering the doses to an inneffective level from a gains standpoint while keeping the levels just high enough to keep your body from starting it's own hormone production.

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    good posts rickson and kizer

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