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    Thumbs up Thank YOU to everyone on this board!!!

    I just wanted to take a minute to THANK all of the bro's who post on this board and help us new and old members out. I have learned so much in the past month on this board and still have so much more to learn! I probally would have to have a liver transplanet or have major health problems because of me listening to so-called friends who are "roids pros" NOT!!

    Before this board I never knew about clomid, nolvadex , milk thistle, ala, etc. All I knew about was Testex, Deca and a needle! I should have read up before I did deside to do it in the first place, But I did trust my so-called friends. However thank god it was a light cycle and I didnt get any bad side effects.

    This a great bored and has now become my fav places to read. It's a great thing knowing no one is pushing u to use something (or buy it even.).. I see a lot of posts from people saying not to even use it!

    Again just wanted to share my feelings with the board and let you know there is many of us who thank you!


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    You're welcome....and I'll say my thanks as well


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    bump-----your welcome-----and thanks!

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    stick with the board, you can never learn enough bro

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    Dude, that is sooo true, man, just when I start to get that cocky I know it all attitude, one of these vets posts something that I totally don't know about and I gotta start researching all over again!! AWESOME BOARD GUYS!!
    Thanks!! Hopefully one day I will be helping out newbies like myself!!

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    Thank you everyone. I would be lost with out this board. I have never learned so much, i can sit and read for hours on here.

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