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    fuck gyno plz help!

    guys ive been taking nortesten for 2 weeks and i stopped taking it and now i noticed i think i got slight gyno in my nipples cause when i press on them i can feel it and my bro did a slight punch to me there and it hurt bad. i thought nortesten couldnt convet to estrogen o shit. anyway to stop this with over the counter products cause i cant get illegal stuff. shit plz help

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    dude that sux, i'm sorry to hear it...but you'll be sorrier to hear this:

    NO OTC products will truly help prevent gyno...Chrysin (sp?) is supposed to help/prevent test converting into estrogen, but it's really bullshit. You need Nolvadex ...if you search hard enough you will be able to get what you want...

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    bro you got another post about deca dick
    if you really have deca dick and gyno from nortestin it will be progestrone and not estrogen.i did not think nortestin could convert. bad news is nothing will help progestrone gyno so just have to wait for it to go away

    advice:if you are getting these effects from nortestin --if i was you ---I WOULD NEVER DO ANY REAL AAS--because you are very sensitive

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    just curious, what is deca dick?

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