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Thread: Drug Test

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    Drug Test

    I read the Steroid Detection Times and the Beat Steroid Testing and read some post from a search I did. My question is I just got off a cycle about 1 month ago of eq and dbol . I am not worried about the dbol but eq stays in your system for about 4-5 months. From what I understand there is a different test for narcotics and steroids , is this correct? I will be tested within the next week or so. Do you think I should be worried?
    Also if there are different test for narcotics and steriods I will be choosing the test myself as it is volantary. But still worried and just wanted some other opinions on what I should do.

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    Yes, there are seperate tests. For narcotices they usually test for the "big five" Weed, coke, pcp, meth etc. Steroids is a seperate test. It is a bit more costly, so unless you are doing a sport I wouldn't see them testing you for steroids as well.

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    Still growing is right. Most employers dont check for that. the test is expensive. Unless you are getting a test for a sport. Another thing i heard it to ask what they are checking for. However, asking this may make you look quilty so try making an anonymous phone call. Give it a try. Just my opinion.

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    Thanks alot guys I was really worried.

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    Just adding to these last posts, you're right with Dbol as the detection period is less than 5 weeks - poss as little as 3. EQ, now this depends on which version!! I've heard today that there are two versions, oil based and water based.

    If it's water based then I would presume that the detection period is less than one week and the oil based version is 4-5 months.
    I'm supposed to be getting some tommorow, 50ml for £100 and i believe it's water based. my 'chemist' is very good and I trust him so unless he's made a mistake with my order or just made a cockup then. Iknow the price is right so........and he's always given me good gear before.

    Anyway, thats my dimention on the subject.

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    don't worry unless it's a sports test. I have been tested several times while juiced up with no + results.

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