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    I am considering taking insulin but the kind that I am being offered is called human actrapid. can anyone give me info on this type and/or tell me of the best type in terms of usage for bodybuilding.


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    get either humalog or humilin-R

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    From all the research I would only go with humalog. It is the fastest acting slin you can get. The effects hit in 10-15 minutes and is out of your system in 4-5 hours.

    Name of Insulin Start, Activity Highest, Activity Ends, Activity Low BS
    Very short-acting (Humalog) 10 minutes 1.5 hours 3 hours 2-4 hours
    Short-acting (Regular/-R) 20 minutes 3-4 hours 8 hours 3-7 hours
    Intermediate acting (Nor L) 1.5-2 hours 4-15 hours 22-24 hours 6-13 hours
    Long-acting (Ultra Lente) 4 hours 10-24 hours 36 hours 12-28 hours
    Combination: 70% N/30% R 0-1 hour 3-13 hours 12-20 hours 3-12 hours
    Combination: 50% N/50% R 0-1 hour 3-12 hours 12-20 hours 3-12 hours

    Humalog was administered about 15 minutes before an appropriate meal
    Regular Type-R was administered 30 minutes before an appropriate meal
    Low BS = Low blood sugar (Glucose).
    As the reader can see when viewing the examples of insulin above, the employment of Humalog allowed for a total of 4 daily administrations of 10-15iu each and Humulin-R (Short-acting) only allowed for 3 daily administrations. This is not to say some have not increased the dosage or chose different insulin analogs, but it is to say that under these circumstances it was not necessary or more effective.

    -use testosterone enhancing compounds to increase hepatic IGF-1 production
    -only use insulin first thing in the morning or during/after workouts
    -don't consume *any* fat 2 hours before (due to digestion time) or one hour after (due to induced enzyme activity) insulin use
    - stretch to locally increase IGF-1 levels
    - Continually eat protein spread over the 4-5 hour duration of insulin activity

    Can you explain how to use it so one would not get fat.

    Actually it's quite simply. You see there are different types of insulin l, n,
    R , and humalog. The difference is in the acting times. L lasts in the system
    For around 24hours peaking several times throughout the day and takes 2 hours
    To begin to work, n is medium in its acting time lasting around 12 hours and r
    Is the quickest of these three, lasting for about 6 hours and hitting the
    System in about 30-45 minutes. Humalog is newer and actually begins working in
    5-15 minutes and lasts for 4 hours

    Once you understand this, you can use insulin to your advantage. With all
    Insulin you need to have glucose present in the blood stream so it can have
    Something to act on and transport it into the cells. The popular rule of thumb
    Of 10-15 grams of glucose/carbs per i.u. of insulin was something that i
    Actually came up with. Please don't think i am being arrogant, it's just that
    I was doing a lot of research on insulin in the early 90's and it is directly
    And indirectly due to that research that insulin has become a popular tool in
    The bodybuilders arsenal. Many people have contacted me on how to use insulin.
    Now with insulin you have to remember that it is an indiscriminant carrier
    Which is both good and bad. Good because along with the transporting of
    Glucose, it will also transport amino acids into the muscle cells. Bad because
    If there is a lot of fat present, it will shove that into the cells as well
    And this is why you get fat from insulin. If you use a long acting insulin
    That peaks several times throughout the day, it is imperative that you eat a
    Carb and protein meal every 2 hours to insure that when it peaks, you have a
    Nutrient pool available for it to work on. If you took a shot of insulin in
    The morning and it was long acting, if you eat a pizza at 8:00pm, the fat will
    Get transported into the cells and you will get fat. The way around this is to
    1. Keep dietary fat to a minimum all the time or 2. Use a faster acting
    Insulin. For me--even though i always eat less than 30grams of fat per
    Day--the answer should be 2.

    The reason for this lies in the fact that you can control it much better if
    You know that it is hitting in 15-20minutes and will be out of the system in 4
    Hours or less. All of the incidents of people fainting or going into comas
    Because of insulin has to do with the fact that there was not enough glucose
    Present in the bloodstream when the insulin peaked. When you use a long acting
    Insulin that peaks at various times over a 24hour period, you run a much
    Greater risk of not having enough glucose present because you are more apt to
    Skip a meal or be driving in your car when it hits...i like the humalog the
    Best and would tell everyone to use it solely or if they cannot get it, use
    The r. Do not use the n!

    Does it matter what types of carbs you eat when you use insulin?

    Yes! I am a firm believer that you should use primarily simple carbs.

    Simple carbs?

    Yes. Look at the end of the day the body breaks down complex carbs into
    Glucose and it is glucose that is transported into the cells. When you are
    Using a rapid acting insulin it is important to minimize the time it takes the
    Body to convert carbs to simple sugars. Why create another step in the
    Process? It only takes more time and you run the risk of not having enough of
    The complex carbs broken down into glucose in time when the insulin hits. For
    This reason i suggest the use of dextrose.

    So what is the regime you would recommend?

    Well i suggest that for optimal results, you use humalog at 10-15iu's
    Immediately after training because that is when you body is most depleted of
    Glycogen stores and is primed to overcompensate for the influx of nutrients.
    Now humalog hits in 5-15minutes so you must immediately ingest 10 grams of
    Simple carbs per every i.u. of insulin you use (in this case between 100-150
    Grams) i would also take in additional nutrients that help contribute to
    Muscle growth such as amino acids or 50 grams of whey isolate. I would also
    Have 5 grams of creatine at this time to aid in cell volumizing.

    The best case scenario would be to do this twice and day and the only way you
    Can do this twice a day is if you train twice a day (the more you deplete your
    Glycogen stores, the more of an opportunity you have to use insulin to
    Overcompensate with nutrients)

    Would you use insulin during your contest prep?

    Absolutely i would not prepare without it. You just have to keep in mind that
    You have to use it when you can in terms of high carb and low carb days when
    You are dieting.

    So let me get this straight. You are telling me that insulin alone is what is
    Responsible for the 20-30lb. Jump in lean body mass in all the top guys?

    Absolutely. I guarantee that if a bodybuilder is stagnant and has not used
    Insulin yet or used it correctly, he can put 20-30lbs of muscle on. There is
    No doubt in my mind. I am so sure of it that i would bet my life on it. I am
    That positive.

    Anything else about insulin we should know before we move on?

    Yes. When you use it, you will find that your muscles fill out so much that you cannot use it every day. I find that with myself i can use if for 2-3 days
    And then off for 1-2 days. Everyone varies, but there is a point when you are
    So supersaturated that you cannot get any fuller. Also i would not go over 40
    I.u.'s of insulin per day divided into 2 20iu shots. Just something to keep in

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    Ala, Fiber and Chromium picolinate will help prevent excess carbs turning to fat.

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    Okay bro i will tell you this..I happen to have a carreer in this field so i promise i will NOT mis-lead you....

    For all first time users of slin i say use Hum R...Hum Log will knock your ass on the floor if you do not be carefull and have a full understanding on the time frames in which it works !!!!

    Also you should get a meter to measure your sugar levels...this can be obtained by contacting a manufacture that has free no charge bayers Elite XL meter..then you can test several times to see how insulin sensative you are..

    Most of all PLEASE start off with low amounts and increase it slowly..

    Insulin is not the cure all like some can put on major fat and other negative sides if you are not carefull.

    Hum R gives you about an hour to get plenty of carbs in you and to continue eating after as well. You just need to make sure you are watching your fat intake as insulin will take it STRAIGHT to your gut !!!! L.O.L.

    Hum LOG is also great as with it having a shorter half life you do not have to watch your fat intake for several hours after the injection like you do with HUM R.

    BUT with LOG it kicks in about 15mins and brother if you do not have enough carbs in you it is all over with !!!!

    If you have any further questions or can't find a meter PM me and I will point you in the right direction..

    Hope this helps typing rather fast..L.O.L.


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