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    Question How does my 1st cycle look.

    am about to start my 1st cycle in the next 2 weeks, and hoped you could give my your comments on it.

    I am now 200lbs 5'9", and want to bulk up, and hopefully make some good gains, and keep them to hopefully reach 220lbs.

    This is what I was thinking;

    Sus 500mg for 6 weeks.
    Deca 400mg for 8 weeks.
    With clomid for post cycle.

    would this be the best cycle to achieve good gains and would you add anything else.

    Thanks for the advice, and I have been training for nearly 2 years.

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    Motomatt is offline New Member
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    I would switch the sus and deca around do the sus for 8 weeks and deca for 6 if you only want to go that long. I would go longer though. Off the top of my head start clomid 2 weeks after last sus shot. Also sus can kinda be hard to keep blood levels consistant. Might want to look into Test eth.

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    Welcome to AR

    I'd run your cycle like this:

    1-4 dbol 30mg/ed (only if you want)
    1-10 test 400-500mg/wk
    1-10 deca 400mg/wk
    Clomid post

    As long as everything like diet, routine and rest are up to par then you should have no problem growing.


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    Bro its ok but IMO you should think about running both longer. Reason being, sust is going to take about 4 weeks to build up in ur system so if ur only going to run it 6 weeks ur actually getting 2 weeks worth anything. Same goes for the deca except u'll probably get 4 weeks lets say. Id run the sust 12 weeks and the deca 10. And if ur diets clean and u train hard u'll see better results.


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    i agree with aragorn on this one,
    sus for 6 weeks will do almost nothing for you. just as the long esters in the sus are starting to kick in, you will be coming off. if you want to run a fast acting test, go with prop or suspension.
    both of your aas should be run a minimum of 10 weeks imho, to get the full benefits of both. im assuming that you know why aragorn put the dbol in there, so i wont go into all that here........

    peace bb79

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    Thanks guys.
    I will run the Deca for 10 weeks, and throw in some dbol .

    Thanks again, I will post me progress.

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