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    Question Finaplix Gold and Winstrol Depot

    Hi all.

    I have three specific questions for people who have used this stack, or are very familiar with its specs.

    Dosages: How many mg Fin a week? How many Depot mg a week? Frequency of both.

    Anti-Estrogens/Aromitizers: Are any anti-es necessary with this stack? If so, which is preffered, how many mg, and at what stage in the cycle?

    Training/Eating: The only stack Ive done is deca /dbol , and I trained with very heavy weights in the range of 5-10 reps. I also ate like a madman, consuming as many calories as my stomach/wallet would allow. (I was very happy with the results:-) However, I am obviously not doing this fin/win stack to get big weight gains. So..what range of reps should I shoot for, and should I keep pretty low carbs throughout the cycle?

    If youve got input on all or any of the above, please hook me up.

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    fina is ussauly 76 mg per ml so ed or eod is recomended,since ur pretty new to this eod would do u fine ,winny 50 mg ed or eod ,again the same applies ,id go ed for max gains .anties ?its always good to have on hand just in case but i very highly doubt that ull need them since both of them aromatise very slightly to none .and if u do start getting gyno it would be from the fina and no anties will help u against progeterone gyno.but that also depends on the person on how prone u are to it.

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    weeks 1 - 6
    75mg tren ed
    50mg winny ed

    no anti's needed imo except clomid post cycle (if you get gyno symptoms from the fina just stop taking it)

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