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    var and clomid post-cycle ?

    HI AR members,

    ''clomid and or hcg for post cycle HPTA stimulation''

    Can i use var and clomid together post cycle for HPTA "completion"?

    Var at doses no more than 12.5mg, but still stimulating the testes and the completion of the HPTA respectively?

    thanx. red

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    hcg is worthless and only delays hpta recovery, var and clomid is a nice post cycle ancillary...good luck

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    um no its not!bro its pointless ure trying to bring ur nat test levelsup but at the same time ur supressing them ,var does supres the hpta ,best is to stick with some clomis and could add nolv if u wnat to ,hcg is will not be needed its ussually used in very long and hrad cycles.

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