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    anabolics 2000 thoughts?

    HI AR members,

    i've learnt alot reading anabolics 2000 and as much comapred to AR's board. in any event, there seems to be a major defecit of information in the book. okay the book is for ''information purpoes only'', but i had hoped if going to the length to educate the lifting community one would do it with ASS synergy and respective health complications of major hormones. this is logical as if you read the book there seems to be a pattern of logic, but in the end, experience counts for everything!!

    the growth info seems logical and useful, but i notice there's no supportive argument that growth must really be used with slin and at that supplemented with calcium. this doesn't seem to come across too well in the book! i wish not to offend anyone as the list of other left out vital info seems abundant! my two cents. anyone agree?

    thank you kindly red.

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    i think the book is trash and a rip off, if you want information get it from your brothers/sisters in the field...(here)...good luck

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    Again i agree with DJ ive read and searched for months and ive found no better place for info then here. Those steriod books are good for pictures on what your gear should look like thats about it. Read,Ask questions everyone here will help and just about everyone has gone through what you are goin through. This site/people have helped me tremendously(spell check that).

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