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    any advice appericated

    hello all i've been reading on this board for over a year now never really decided to post, but i figured with this wealth of info at my finger tips it would be a shame for me to not take full advantage of it. i'm 5"9 194-197lbs endo-morph body type maybe around 14-17%body fat. i've done about 4 normal cycles(i say normal because my first was 200mg of deca a week for like 4 weeks, i was what i thought at the time "informed" about what i was doing, but i soon realized i wasn't even close to informed) anyway my big question is i'm doing the basic mass building cycle of: 300mg cyp a week for 10 weeks 400mg of deca a week for 10 weeks and 5 d-bol a day for 6weeks. now i got a few qestions. and i'm also up for any type of constructive criticism. 1. should i taper the d-bol? and if so what would the taper look like? 2. i wanted to rotate injection spots but i tend to get pimples on my upper back would injecting the test in my rear delts add to that? 3. would breaking up the shot of test into two seperate shots a week(150mg) be better off in helping my body in terms of a lesser chance of bitchtits or it dont' matter 300mg a week is still 300mg a week? that's about it for now like i said any help would be appericated feel free to shit all over my cycle if u want but please at least know what ur talking about before u do. i don't want some 18 year old kid who just took 200mg a week of deca telling me what to do.....again.

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    1 - no, do not taper the d-bol.

    2 - wouldn't think so. it's the amount of test that's in your body that's gonna allude to more zits, not just the place you stick it

    3 - break it up into 2 shots, yes, like every 4 days, or something like mon / wed, tue / thurs, etc. helps to keep the levels constant. do this with both injections

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    4 - welcome to the board!

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    I'd up the cyp, 300mg seems too low for your 5th cycle but that's jmo. Maybe you react really well to low dosages of test, I know some bro's do.

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