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    A ? 4 all who have taken Test Enth

    I wanted to get a good idea of how many times exactly I can work out a week on 400mg of Test Enanthate (and Eq w/dbol ) per week. I know that a Testosterone really helps your recovery from other cycles but to what degree.

    Like everyone else here I just cant stay out of the gym! This time around would I be much better off, or make better gains, by resting even more.

    How many days out of the week did you workout and if so did any of you do 2-a-days. Im a big fan of these but they might be hurting my progress. My body seems to be able to make great gains and recover just fine but am I missing out on even better results, you know?

    Just tryin to MAXIMIZE the results


    PS. Have you ever tried the EAS Advant edge ready to drink shakes? Opinion?

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    Overtraing is less likely when on cycle, but still possible. Recovery is as important or more than lifting. I know most people think more is better, including me, but overtraining will not help anything grow! If you think you are doing enough sets and reps for each muscle group, then you are probably doing to many! But some people have shorter recovery time than others, depends on the person. The longer you lift (in years), the better your body will be at recovering quickly.

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    well put...i hit each muscle group once a week and do 4 different exercises usually for each body part.
    Also to answer your other question the Advant Edge chocolate fudge is actually a really good tasting shake

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    keep ur cals u[ potein and u should be fine .oh and get sleep

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    it is important to not overtrain when juicing just as much as when not. optimum makes a good whey powder, mixes easily and tastes good. It is cheaper than eas ready to drink.

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