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    QV250 enanthate(have you used it)

    Just started my cycle today EQ,QV250enanth,D-bol.I,ve never used d-bol before or the QV.Im using 10 mg ttokkyo D,s
    1.Shot 250 mgs test this morning,no pain at all!,10 hours later sore as a mofo,I'm limping,is this normal?Quad shot 23guage 1inch
    2.ttokkyo 10mgs D-bols,any luck?how long befor this shit kicks in at 30mgs ED?
    Eq's all good.

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    Yes it can be normal....i have had some soreness from my quad shots...suck it up and go!!....QV Enth. is good shit in my opinion. I have used it in 2 cycles and i will continue to use it. You will feel the Dbol about 1-2 wks into the cycle. Your Strengh will go up and the "pumps" you get when you lift are great.

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