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Thread: HCG and Clomid

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    Question HCG and Clomid

    I just finished last week of Primo, deca , wini cycle and am starting to take HCG and clomid. What is the best and most effective way of taking them. Please respond. Thanks

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    HI AR members,

    what are you immediate plans using hcg and clomid. why not save clomid for your next cycle as the juice you've taken may not have shut down the HPTA entirely. assume rightly, that hcg alone is enough for this post cycle, i wonder, unless your cycle has been for 8-10 weeks?

    personally my thoughts go the way of using clomid the last week of my cycle and two weeks preceeding as my cycle is damn near the same.

    consider also proviron and/ or clomid. using test esters would shut down the HPTA exclusively so hcg and clomid 'would be needed' to keep gains.

    thanx red.

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