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    On week 2 of cycle and can't get it up

    I'm on a 400mg tes-wk/400mg eq-wk/ 30mg-day D-Bol and for the life of me i can't get it up. I mean i use to get hard when a girl would just walk by now i was with this girl last night and totally into it and couldn't do shit... Obviously i'm heading across the border to grab some viagra but does this have to do with the cycle or do i need to check with my doc?

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    D-bol is that one is lowing u down bro,
    i personally noticed that when i take it bfor sex my performance is not as good as it should, i try to take early morning so later during the day
    i dont experience that situation u know,
    i dont have a problem on EQ nor TEST, test will
    help on this problem, if u still have the problem
    viagra always comes in handy bro at least till u
    get ur natural test back to normal...

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    progestrone is what causes the limp dick--none of those has progestrone conversion.are you sure its real gear or not mislabeled
    the eq has not even started to work yet and probably the test not working yet either
    you can try 3 things
    1---start clomid or nolvadex to see if estrogen is bothering you
    2 ---drop dbol and see if that helps
    3---go to doc but you probably know more about gear than he or she does
    also it may be your mind worried about it your mind can play games on you

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    Number three is so true....I went to my doc to test my blood and let him know what I was doing....He had no clue about the sauce...didnt know a thing...Hell he never even heard of eq/boldenone ...

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    Dbol usually makes your sex drive go through the roof. I can't see anything in that cycle that would not help increase sex drive. Try using an anti-e. You are having a pretty big hormone imbalance and that might be causing your body to react differently but my guess is that won't last long.

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    Re: On week 2 of cycle and can't get it up

    Originally posted by plucks
    I'm on a 400mg tes-wk/400mg eq-wk/ 30mg-day D-Bol and for the life of me i can't get it up.
    Gee, I'm on week 3 of a similar cycle, and I'm, like, a walking hard-on! I wish I had a girlfriend right now...


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