I am 5'10 210lbs 13%bf
my goals are to get ripped and gain a little size but not much.

week1-150mg EQ, 200mg Test
week2-200mg EQ, 200mg Test
week3-250mg EQ, 200mg Test
week4-350mg EQ, 200mg Test
week5-350mg EQ, 200mg Test
week6-350mg EQ, 200mg Test
week7-350mg EQ, 200mg Test
week8-250mg EQ, 200mg Test, 200mg Winny
week9-150mg EQ, 200mg Test, 200mg winny
week10-100mg EQ, 200mg Test, 300mg Winny
week11-300mg winny
week12-200mg winny

still in 1st week of cycle. Could still deviate or get more gear if needed. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.