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    Any suggestions about a seriously pinched nerve?

    Well Fuck,
    It had to happen. I went on vacation to Myrtle Beach last week, no work outs took the week off. By last wednesday my right trap hurt like fuck trying to sleep, in ANY position, on ANY surface. Went to a Doc in the Box and the asshole gave me Skelaxin, a worthless drug to begin with.

    Now, came home Sunday and can not sleep more than an hour at a time. 2 hours a day AT MOST. I'm deleriously tired. Went to the Chiro yesterday twice and today twice, seemed to help at the time. X-Rays show a Vert in my neck thats way out of wack, I mean obviously hosed. I did a massage at the Chiro today and man did that loosen me up, I had no idea how tight I was. Problem is, same thing, I can't lay down. If I'm up and moving around I'm mostly fine, as soon as I lay down it almost brings tears to my eyes it hurts so fucking bad.

    I did an online consult for some real pain meds and Soma to at least numb this shit somewhat but they won't be here till at least Friday. I do ice packs all day on and off and they help at the moment but not for long.

    Anyone have any suggestions? I gotta get this fixed so I can sleep, let alone workout. I've never experienced this much pain and I am pretty fucking tolerant to pain, this is the most painful thing thats ever happend bar none.

    Any ideas?


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    I know exactly how you feel, I had a pinched nerve in the same spot and it truly sucks ass. I just had to wait about a week and a half and it seemed to go away, but yours sounds worse. I used a heating pad and it helped some.

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