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    finishing 1st cycle, when to start 2nd cycle

    just curious,
    i am doing 10 weeks of sust250 at 500mg a week.
    doing winni week 9 through 13.

    how long do i need to take off inbetween cycles?

    when will i be able to do another cycle after i finish
    the winni on this cycle?

    just gathering information know, to get some thoughts together
    for the future!

    any help would be appreciatted to a newbie in "STEROID COLLEGE"
    feel like i am a freshmen in college learning about these GOODIES!


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    Most people will tell you time on = time off so 13 weeks. I think with what you were using you should be able to go back on in 8-10 rather easily and even after a 6week break you should be fine (off time includes time ON clomid therapy in my book)

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