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Thread: nose bleeding

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    nose bleeding

    on test and eq, low doses first cycle, and already finished up d-bol, towards the end of last week and all through today I have been gettinbg atleast 1-2 good nosebleeds each day, can someone help? it may just be my allergies and the medication, but i am not sure

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    It might be from an elevated blood pressure...

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    Originally posted by NoLimits
    It might be from an elevated blood pressure...
    Bro, NoLimits is right! It could be high bp doing it. Get it checked with the quickness bro! I have allergies, i get two shots every week for them and i take pills ed for them and i dont get nose bleeds.


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    the bros are right,but aslo ive heard that eq can cause nosebleeds,also what the boys said elevated pressue

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    I am thinking one of three things:
    1. You are picking your nose too much
    2. The weather changed where you are at and the air is really dry. I get nosebleeds when I go to Vegas. Real dry air (or is it all the coke )
    3. High blood pressure. It will go down when you come off your cycle

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    Yes it could be high blood pressure and it will go down after you finish your cycle, but it could be one other thing.......Dehydration, I get nose bleeds when Im dehydrated. I run alot so I tend to get dehydrated from time to time. Increase your water consumption and see if this helps.

    I wouldnt go get your blood pressure checked if you are on cycle, your blood pressure is going to high (on cycle) wait till you come off and your blood pressure regulates a bit. This will save you the aggravation being put on Med's that you dont need!

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