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    Just starting Accutane, should I skip Dbol on this cycle?

    I'm starting my second cycle soon, and was planning on doing Dbol for the first 4 weeks along with 400mg test and 400mg of EQ weekly. Since the Dbol is oral, will it increase the liver risks with the accutane? What about the test and EQ? Thanks

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    well accutane and bol are both hard on the liver. I have ran both without problems, if u do, do it with extreme caution and watch your body closely. Take lots of ALA and milk thistle as well and drink lots of water

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    i wouldnt take both ,but if u do make sure u do what full intensity said .

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    I am planning on starting a Test, Deca , Dbol cycle in about a month. On my last cycle I was fine until I came off and then my back and shoulders broke out bad. I just got a prescription for Accutane but am still waiting on the blood work before I start. I have read about people who have done a cycle while taking Accutane without problems. I am planning on taking ALA and Tylers Liver Detox but I heard that MIlk Thistle was no good. Is there anthing else I can take so that when I get additional blood work done everything will come out normal?

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    I've taken bolth and my bloodwork was fine. Just list to what FI said

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    I use accutane with winny and oxandrolone a couple times a year. The trick is to use R-ALA and Tyler Liver Detox. When my liver values went up from the accutane and winny my doctor told me about Tyler and after 2 weeks they went back down. If you use it with your accutane and dbol you should be fine.
    Check it out at in the store.

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