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Thread: Fina..???

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    I have heard a lot things about Fina but don't really know what it is, or how people make it? Is fina the same thing as Finajet or finaplix ?

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    It is pellets that are implanted in cattle. You can make oil based, rub on your skin, and other stuff. Weird gear if you ask me. In educational threads there is a post called "how to make fina", and one by getting stupid called "everything you ever wanted to know about fina." Check them out, the are great!

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    yah, pretty much the same thing...'trenbolone acetate'...i think the other is trenbolone hexylphenylpropionate or something long/strange i dont feel like looking it up but the differences are very make a long story short it binds to the AR 3x more readily than testosterone , its made from cattle implant pellets and mixed with oil and a solution, then put through a filter or two to make it somewhat sterile/human acceptable...heard nothing but good things from it, and i watched my roomate put on 10lbs of muscle while losing about 5% bf...incredible stuff imo...good luck

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