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    Whats a fair/good price for Ttokkyo Eq&winny

    Whats a fair price for Ttokkyo Eq 10ml...and for Ttokkyo Winny 100mg/50ml...
    Is $130 for eq and $230 for winny Ok???.... And should Both have a hologram on them, what if there is no hologram????
    The last Ttokkyo product I saw was deca 300, and it had no hologram, and the label was slightly offcentered...Is there fakes of Ttokkyo ?? Can some post some real or fake pics of Ttokkyo ...Thanks bro's

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    Those are fair domestic prices.

    As for TT pictures, check the board, there's some on here. Or check the web site :

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    You don't need to know
    Those are definately gym prices.

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    Originally posted by sick1
    Those are definately gym prices.
    But they are still fair esp. winny the eq is alittle over priced but fair.

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