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Thread: EQ as a bridge?

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    Question EQ as a bridge?

    Hello. Been cycling for more than 4 years, and was interested in bridiging. I ran a search on eq and bridiging, and did not find coclusive evidence. One post said it was a cheaper alternative to primo, and another post said not to use eq. I wanted to bridge my forthcoming mass cycle into my cutter, and I wanted to use eq. Suggestions and information is greatly appreciated.

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    right after i finished my 2nd cycle which was good for 10 wks i had 1 bottle left of EQ 50ml, so like
    u did i searched for some bridging info regarding
    EQ and all i found was about D-bol, so i decided
    to go ahead and did it, i bridged for 5 wks EQ
    only doing 800mg then later i added T200 and D-bol, now as far as any differences during bridging or on till now is more vascularity, size,
    strenght and couples of more lbs,

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    Thank you XXX, sounds worthwhile. Bump for anymore opinions.

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