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    Loeffler Testosterona

    I have 2 bottles of Lorffler Testosterona( it's supposed to be sustanon 250). I was wanting to know if it is as good as sustanon or not, please advise.

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    Um.......sus is sus.......if it's supposed to be Sustanon , then chances are it probably is.....

    different brands of juice are like different brands of clothing. some are more expensive b/c you're buying a name brand, some actually are a little better than the cheaper versions, etc. - get my drift ?

    now what you should be asking is "is it as good as Sus made by say QV, or TT, or Organon, etc..." get it ?

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    junk dont even waste ur money on that

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    Loeffler is strait "shit",dont even bother using it bro. The only good thing they ever had going for them was the d-ball now thats crap too. I would not use anything by loeffler.

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