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Thread: leaking?

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    I'm in the 8th week of a 12 week cycle, I always aspirate and today like always no blood came in, but halfway through sticking myself my glute felt real tight and actually hurt a little, when I was done I had a sizeable amount of blood run down my ass and leg and I have never bled before. I figured I just passed through, but what are the chances of some of the gear leaking out while I bled?

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    Good I'd say, but nothing much. Don't think you need to stick yourself again to compensate for anything lost.

    Sounds to me like you just punctured through a vein on the way in. I've done that before and it scared me to death when I pulled the needle out. Thought I doomed right there in the backseat of my car outside the gym.

    Anytime you get some blood, use a clean alcohol swipe and put a little pressure on the area. Then grab a tissue and do the same thing. Continue to add pressure until your plasma builds up and clots the area.

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