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    about me and dbol

    They are 5 mg dianobol tabs and there is 100 of them and i was wondering if i should take 4 a day by taking 2 in the moring and 2 in the afternoon I weigh 160 Im 60 and im 19 how much weight do you think i could gain plus i bench 200 or 210

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    I don't think you should take any of them. I think you're too young. You're still growing and you've got plenty of natural test flowing through your wirey frame.

    But, if you insist, at least stack them with something - do not just take them by themselves. A test would do nicely - pick one, or ask about one, better yet, research one.

    Do some more research on some things or just sit back and read the board some more before you decide to start poppin pills.

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    Wasn't this your last thread?

    I could be wrong though ...well?


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