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    Already thinkin about next cycle :)

    Hey guys, just goin thru my head the possibilities for my next cycle, prob in feb-march. im gonna take a good 4-5 months off to try and completely clear my receptor sites for better results. Ive done 2 cycles so far and this will be my 3rd in feb.

    Cycle 1
    Aratest 500mg/week 1-8
    Dbol 30mg/day week 1-5
    Winny 50mg eod week 9-14
    Ttokyo Tren 75mg eod week 9-14
    clomid 300mg 1-- 100 2-11--- 50 12-21

    Cycle 2 (still going LoL)
    Dbol 50mg/day week 1-5
    Brovel Enth 600mg/week 1-9
    Ganabol Eq 150mg/week (i know long story) 1-8
    ** prop/susp mix 100mg/day 5X week (workout days) 10-13
    QV prop 100mg/day 5X week 14-15
    Homemade tren 100mg/day 5x week 10-15
    clomid same as above
    Liquidex .5mg/day week 1-5 .25/day week 6-15
    ALA 900mg/day 1-6

    Cycle 3 (Feb.)
    Anadrol 50-100mg/day week 1-5 or 6 (not sure about mg's or length?)
    ** Test Cyp 500-750mg/week 1-10
    ** Eq 400-600mg/week 1-10 (not sure about mg here either)
    Homemade tren 100mg/day 11-16
    Winny tabs 50mg/day 11-16
    Test prop or susp. 100mg-150mg/day 11-16
    clomid, liquidex, ALA etc.

    My stats are, as of right now, 5'9" 195lbs. if i were to guess 11-12% bf? i was never good at judging it tho. Ill be finished with this cycle in 3 weeks and clomid thereafter. Hows the 3rd cycle look? should i substitute deca in there instead of eq seeing i havent tried it yet? Thats also why im switchin to abombs on this one. Im gonna try new things out and see how they work. Im always interested in lean, quality gains rather than blowing up quantity gains, although i need an oral like dbol or anadrol to kickstart a cycle. I dont tend to gain much water and when i come off, since a have awhile on, the gains become quality anyways. any other suggestions? this is def. a rough draft, but its good to get it ready now, so i can start gettin gear. Thanx all. Peace


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    bro what were ur gains off those cycles?

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    My first cycle i was about 160 and i got up to about 175-180. the second cycle now had me up to about 200 but now im around 195 but more solid. I dont eat everything and anything. I eat about every 3 hours and i consume only high quality protein and complex carbs. Im very picky about what i eat because im more interested in quality than quantity. hope this helps. Peace


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    I'm not a big fan of ** products but your cycle is well structured, I like it...You'll probably find that you don't get much off of 50mg a day anadrol , 100mg would be better...IMO

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    I agree with ironfist about **'s products. I have never personally used any (although I have some of his Nolva. on hand)...I've heard way to many horror stories for me to get the balls to do so...overall looks like a good, solid cycle bro...I can't wait to try tren here in a few weeks.

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