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    cutting cycle help

    Hey bros,

    I got my gear so there is no going back now. I just wanted opinions on the cycle to see what y'all think.

    1-10 EQ 400mg
    Sus 250mg
    8-12 Winny 50mg ed
    13-15 Clomid 300/100/50

    It's my first cycle so it's pretty basic but I've done tons of research. Most say to have a little test in a cutting cycle and sus was the only thing I could get. I hope it'll work. Wish me luck


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    projectsherv is offline Associate Member
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    Jul 2002
    not so much a cutting cycle in my opinion but it looks almost identical to my 2nd cycle i will be starting in a few months, except the sust will be 500mg a week.

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    doublewide is offline Associate Member
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    Feb 2002
    Not sure what your stats are but I would do the EQ for longer than 10 weeks. I really did not see much results until week 5 or 6. I just did 600 EQ and 500 Sust a week. Same as you I wanted lean mass. Gained about 8 pounds as I was eating very clean and hitting cardio hard. I will say I look better two weeks after my last shot as I think I am losing some of the bloat from the sust. I probably should have added the winny at the end like you are doing.

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    alevok Guest
    sustanon is a poor choice, if you want to go with test in cutting cycle, stick to propionate that tends to hold less water.
    Try to get clenbuterol and run it for 2 weeks on 2 weeks off basis. For off weeks (for clen ) run ECA instead.
    Dont overdo cardio, eat clean food 8-9 times a day. (this includes your protein shakes)

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    bigsexy is offline New Member
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    The eq should be run longer. Anything less than 12 weeks would be a waste. If you are not afraid of a needle, go for prop, like alevok said, and tren .

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    If this is your first cycle, then you'll make nice gains beacuse your receptors is fresh. Basically, you could getw away with 250 mg/week of Sust. People will say to bump it up to 500 mg/week because of-course you'll make better gains, but if your goal is to get lean, than that's a good cycle. If your worried about the bloatness, take arimidex .25/ed or letrozle 2.5mg/ed. And I would run Winny 50mg/ed weeks 9-13, then start clomid therapy right after.

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