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    Question Where to put clen in my cycle

    I've read that clen is esential in a cutting cycle. I've also read that it should be used 2 wks on and 2 wks off.
    Where do you put it in a cycle? Is it taken before, during or
    after AS?

    I'm doing an EQ/Winny cycle soon and wanted to know how the clen should fit in to it.

    Thanks for the help


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    Well clen is not and cardio are. Clen CAN help but it is not essential by any means. That being said you will want to run you clen like this (I'll assume you are running a 10 weeks cycle):

    Start with one tab per day and add a tab per day to a maximum of 6 tabs (maybe 7...depends on whether or not you are getting the shakes too bad) on day 6 and stay at 6 tabs per day for the remainder of 2 weeks. Then switch to an ECA supp for two weeks. Then back to clen for 2 can start at 6 tabs per day, no need to taper up again. Then ECA for 2 weeks. Then clen for 2 weeks. So...

    weeks 1-2 clen
    weeks 3-4 ECA
    weeks 5-6 clen
    weeks 7-8 ECA
    weeks 9-10 clen

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