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    Question First time with Winstrol, T3 - Advice!

    I'm looking to cut up and lose excess body fat. I have never used any AS in my life before, but have made my mind up to go ahead and try it.

    I,ve got winstrol (5mg tabs) and T3 (Liothyronine - 20mcg tabs). It is the real stuff because I acquired it from an IFBB judge.

    What I want to do is go on about a 8 to 10 week cycle, but I want maximum effect. Obviously I have to use the correct dosage and know how much to take and when.

    How many tabs do I start with and when do I bring in the T3?

    Also when during the day do I take the winstrol - 10am, 12am, 3am etc. The same with the T3.

    What I'm looking for is the most effective way to take these 2 drugs together. My aim is not to put on so much mass, as it is to look like a piece of iron and increase strength.

    I wanted to be shredded. I have easy access to these 2 drugs at the moment so I can use as much as is neccassary. I know there are alot of other drugs you can stack for this goal, like John Romano's stack in MD mag's Feb 2002 issue. Problem is you need thousands of $ and access.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    There are already some really good threads on using T3 on here, so just do a search on T3 and you'll have all the info you need.... As far as the winny goes I'd go with 50mg a day especially if you're using the 5mg tabs... I don't think they have as much kick as the 2mg Zambon's so go with 50mg a divided into 2 doses is fine.... Morning and night....

    If getting shreaded is your goal stacking some clen with the T3 and winny will give you even better results... and of course follow a strick diet... good luck

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    As far as proper dosing of T3 check out the following post by CYCLEON.

    Now, as far as winny is concerned you will need about 50mg/day (or EOD) to make a difference. The tabs are great for women becuase of the ability to control the dose, but if I were you I would look for some winny depot. The injections tend to be a little more effective anyway. Regardless of what kind of winny you use I wouldn't recommend going beyond 6 weeks as winstrol is a 17AA and can be very hard on the liver. Look into some milk thistle or ALA as well. Good luck.

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