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    cant get proper sleep...??

    hey guys here a question for yah, I have a job where working 12 hours is normal. after work I always squeeze in to go to the gym for at least 45mins - 1 hour.. by the time I eat, talk to friends etc... its like 1:00am.. then I wake up again in the morning @ 7:00am for work again.. I am currently on my cycle... I was wondering how much my gains are going to be affected by the 5-6 hours of sleep I get?? I know I grow during sleep but if Im only resting 5-6 hours is that going to effect my gains in anyways??

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    IMO, it really all depends on how fast you get into REM sleep. Sure, you would probably be better off getting more, but some people go into REM sleep quicker, which is where the recovery acutally takes place, and therefore can get by with a little bit less. Try to sneak some naps in at work, lol.

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    Have you thought about sleeping aids? OTC or pharmaceutical products could help. Your gains will be affected by the loss of sleep.

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    Pretty much all the long time Bodybuilders will tell you to get at least 8hrs a night. The reason being is your actual muscle growth/recovery occurs while sleeping. (Although SOME argue that if you are using AAS you don’t need as much sleep.)

    Both the previous replies have good points,, you should try to get to sleep as soon as possible~~ thus maximizing the time you have... Melatonin(sp) is a good OTC sleep aid.

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    I don't get 7 hours a night, lucky to get 6. But I have noticed since starting a T3/Winny cycle, my quality of sleep has greatly improved. When only getting minimial sleep, I always feel refreshed.

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    Shoot, I haven't felt refreshed when I wake up for years. Guess that's what kids will do to ya.j/k


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