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    bromo needed, please help!

    I have posted this thread before and i dont like to be asking for things on the board like this but I have not been able to find any bromocriptine, i have one way of getting it but the place takes 28 days minimum to ship it over here. I need it NOW and fast. please help me asap. i am trying to get a hold of it within this week, or my gyno may could have already become or will become perminate.

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    Wish I could help you, Bro. Shortest delivery time I found was 2-3 weeks without a prescription. I think you might get scammers on your ass trying to rip you off on this.
    You might run a web search on Parlodel, its the brand name for bromo. Find one of the offshore pharmacies and e-mail them asking if you can get it faster.

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    Keep asking around, i can't help you but somebody might take pity on you, don't respond to PMs unless you recognize somebody on here or they are a vet

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    What was your cycle? Only deca ? Are you sure it was deca causing it? Have you atarted to take nolvadex if you were using other gear as well? Wish I could help, shits hard as hell to find. I wouldn't respond to any offers from pm though!

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