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    about 2 weeks ago i posted saying i wanted my account removed, i have since then decided that i would like to remain a member just because of the motivation this site gives.

    I have never used steroids , and after the shitty thing that happend lately i am certain that i never will. It was not a health problem or anything like that, lets just say that a friend likened the situation to "The girl that Screws for the first time and gets pregnant!"

    I would just like to say that i do not see any problem with steroids, what you do to your own body is your own F*cking business, but the government does not see it this way.

    I will remain a member for entertainment purposes only, glad to be back and motivated.

    oh also the new official weight loss count is 42 lbs (260-218) feelin good and lookin better.

    jesus christ, lawyers are expensive.

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    Welcome back man! Gotta love AR.. I feel I have found a gold mine here! Everything you want to know is right there.. Just type and search!


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    Glad you decided to stay bro.

    good luck with your struggles


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