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    week one in the books

    just finished week one of my first cycle.
    400mg cyp wk 1-10
    400mg eq wk 1-10
    30mg dbol wk 1-4
    50mg winny wk 10-13
    liquidex .25 ish a day
    clomid treatment wk 13-16
    nov on hand
    ala 1200 mg ED

    feeling great. the water retention from the dbol has been minimal. it actually has filled me out alittle and i can definatley tell that my muscles are recovering better. ive gained about 6-7 lbs since i started...i know some of it is retained water...but i dont think that the majority is because my diet has been pretty on point and im naturally a small guy so i think that the extra androgens in my system are helping me get to where i would be naturally if i had been eating and training correctly for the last year. i know that ill get flamed for my lack of training experience...but i have a great respect for the lifestyle and im soaking as much quality information as possible. this cycle will done the right way, im just in college right now so i have the time to devote to eating and training right. i appreciate all the advise i have gained from the members and mods on this board, it cuts threw alot of bs that is out there in gyms. ill keep you guys updated.


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    good luck.

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    Good luck bro, continue to post on the success of your cycle, it allows you to look back on what you have acheived. Hope you got that camera out for some before/after pics. Welcome to the dark side!

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