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    ANAVAR questions

    I am planning on doing a cutting nad tightening cycle this June after my bulk cycle which starts in two months. For my cutting cycle I am planning on taking EQ / Fina / and winstrol . Should I also use some anavar . my goal is to get some strength and alittle size but mostly I want to be real tight and hard for the summer. I read good things about it but nobody that I know has ever used it. If you guys know anything about Anavar please help me out. Thanks

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    do a search bro look at teh drug profiles that should tell ya all u ant to know ,i would choose winny or var ,they are both 17 alk so both arent recomended,

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    17aas hepatoxicity are way overrated, and var is super super mild (used for women and children), the price is a bit high, but you gotta weigh out the pros/cons...good luck

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    I wouldn't throw in the anavar , you are already running so many drugs it's just a waste imho.The fina and winny will lean you out big time and the EQ isn't exactly a big problem for retaining water or anything especially if you use some femara or armidex.

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