I"M ALREADY THINKING A HEAD OF MYSELF I wouild like some ideas for my next cycle

presently i"m taking dbol with stanobolin FIFTY I HAVE NOTICED SOME pretty good gain of strengh and not to bad for size but i ihave been eating like crazy everything insight so i have some gained fat want can i take for my post cycle to losed some fat

when i stated with the dbol i was alredy a decent size i weighted one eighty five at five siix now i am ataround one ninety five for myself on my next cycle i want to get ripped while keeping my gains it dosnt help that my body type is a endomorph i hold a lot a fat in storage

also i find it hard to lose fat on my sides because i losed seventy pound with in a short peroid of time now there extra skin

iam very active and very dedicated to the gym and athletic

presently i an around week four of my cycle