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    hey everyone. haven't been here in awhile.

    whats up guys,

    i use to come to this board alot and read all the great stuff that people post and also great information from bigkev and pete235. I have been
    so bombarded with my new job and haven't been able to surf the site.
    Anyway its good to be back. Since all my damn projects are done i'll
    have more time to read. heheheh... Anyway i have decided to do my third cycle this november for maybe 6-10 weeks..
    Right now i have been on a ckd diet... doing ok now but eating all that
    fat gets to me....after this diet i would like to gain some lean mass...
    meaning i really don't want the bloat and would like to gain maybe 15lbs.
    I have been bulking so i gained a few lbs...
    Stats 5'3 150lbs.. around 13-15% bfat

    Option 1
    week 1-8 Fina 75 eod
    week1-8 Prop 50 ed
    week 4-8 Winny

    Option 2
    Week 1-4 Fina 75 EOD
    Week 1-10 400MG WK EQ
    Week 1-10 T-200 600 mg wk

    what do you think...

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    i like option one that will do u right bro.

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    the vast wasteland
    glad to have you back bro, these guys will take good care of you.................

    peace bb79

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    15 keepable pounds id go with door number 2 except id run the tren all the way through
    if bloat is a problem run arm or lqdx throughout

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    cool thanks guys.... its great to be back to this board....
    man i hate work... talk about draining your time to workout...
    nothing like programming... hehehe... anyway i do like both..

    Fina makes me look more thinner for some reason....
    bad thing it makes my piss stink...

    EQ makes me veiny as hell.....

    Test is always best.... hehehe so i may go with option 1 with
    maybe a little EQ... i'll see...

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