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    To mix or not to mix

    First off, my cycle looks like this
    (the injectable part)

    Weeks 1-10 TT Test Enanthate 500 mg/wk
    Weeks 1-8 TT Deca 300 mg/wk

    I was thinking of taking 2 shots per week, my test is 200 and my deca is 300. So, if I were to take 2 shots, I would use 1.25 ml of test, mixed w/ .5 ml of deca. Would this be the best idea to mix these and take 2 shots a week, or is there a way I could get away with less shots.(ie: Take the deca all at once)

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    if your doing 500mgs of test and 300mgs of deca a week. your shots are going to be 1.5cc's.

    .5cc's of deca and 1 cc of test. do this twice a week. as a result, 300mgs of deca and 500mgs of test a week.

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    Depends on what the doseages are on your bottles. If you have 200mg test and 300mg deca then 1.25 test and .5 deca which is 1.75cc twice a week. 1 shot monday and 1 shot thursday. Two shots a week is not much, it is unlikely you could get it down to less shots than that with the doseages your taking.

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