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    Should I be reevaluating my timeline

    Okay, here's the (very) abridged version of my "story": Started lifting at 18 and blew up, as do most beginners, going from 170 to about 215 that first year. Assumed such growth would continue unabated till i finally decided to 'cut back' and be satisfied at an even 300 or so (ah, the innocence of youth). Obviously, it did not, or you'd all be debating my chances at the Mr. O this year -j/k. So, i became pretty frustrated, and rather than research alternative training methods and such, i hammered out, day after day, the same routine that had gotten me there in the first place....and that took me from 215 to about 225 over the next two years, where i stayed for a little while, peaking at about 232. At some point thereafter, i abandoned my complacency and became very serious about researching training methodology, nutrition, supplements, etc, etc. As a result, i peaked last year at about 245 with a respectable amount (imo) of definition retained. Two solid attempts at cracking 250 got me there, but i'm fairly certain it was mostly fat...okay, replace 'fairly certain' with 'definitely sure' and 'mostly fat' with 'unabated lard'. So, thinking i'd reached my natural potential and believing my body just wouldn't crack 250 with decent composition, i started researching AS (mostly here and through various print sources) and formulated a cycle with plans to start as a xmas present to myself in december.

    HOWEVER, whether it's the thought of doing AS as a motivator or the horrific dieting down experience i went through in prepping for waht would have been my first contest, I am seriously reconsidering my self-assessment. I'm back up to 230 (after dieting down to an awful 207) with a hardness, size and definition i don't think i previously had. In short, I feel as though I am quite capable of busting through my previous barrier. The question now becomes, if this is in fact true, is there a place for AS in my training regimen or should i be certain of the attainment of my natural limit first? I'll be happy to provide any more info to those who might need it in order to help....many, many thanks in advance. Oh, and i'm 6'1", so those weights aren't quite as impressive as they look when i glance back at my posting.

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    Its up to you, Bro. I wouldn't wait on the attainment of the natural limit. You know what your doing with diet and exercise. If you've researched AAS enough to know what you are doing, why wait? The muscle you put on won't know the difference and you'll put on more muscle for the same amount of effort.
    Just my .02

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