Just wanted to share w/you guys.

My first cycle is complete. I choose a non androgenic cycle because of my predopistion to thinning hair and because of my concern relative to water retention.

My cycle was as follows...
400mg Deca /wks 1-10
50mg winny tabs EOD wks 7-12
Clomid 100mg ED wks 13-17

My Results were as follows...
Gained 18 lbs of solid muscle
Vascularity increased more than i could imagine
Fat% remained the same (approx. 10%)

My Sides where as follows...
Temporary and minimal Testicular shrinkage @ week 8 (girl fried didnt notice)
Temporary and minimal acne development on upper back and shoulders @ week 16

All in all i was very pleased w/the results and have kept 97% of my gains so far (@ wk 16). I never once experienced "deca dick" and i wonder how prevelent it really is in AS users?

p.s I so want to use test next...but im afraid...LOL