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    Aug 2002

    im throwin up today!!!! is it the trenbolone?

    ive taken about 20 ccs of trenbol 75 i work at a pizzeria....and the worker made me a grilled chicken sandwich....2 hours later im throwin up everywhere.....but everyone else who ate the chicken had no problem??.......could the trenbolone be messin up with my intestines? anyone ever hear of that?

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    Mastiff is offline Member
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    Aug 2002
    You could have the flu. I've never heard of it with fina. Did you really just inject 20 CC's of fina? Or is that 20 CC's a total number.

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    maybe the chicken breat that you ate wasn't fully cooked?

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    Sep 2002
    Well Im not throwing up but this is the first time my fina has made me cough up a lung. Damn now I know what everyone means about fina cough. Could taste it in my mouth felt like made my tongue numb for a couple of minutes. Glad it only lasts a couple of minutes after the pepper. But throwing up must suck cant put no weight on like that hope you get better soon.

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    I really doubt that the Tren made you throw up......i have not heard of this kind of side effect associated with tren before.....i would have to say the chicken is some how involved with you up-chucking. Drink a glass of milk followed by a glass of water about 30 minutes later.....if you are still sick tommarrow then i would say you have a mild case of food of luck bro.....

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