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    Injected in bicep.........

    and it bleed for a little bit but didnt hurt at first, now 3 hours later it kills me, i cant even flex my biceps. MY right bicep only has a huge black and blue on it and left bicep doesnt, is this normal, when i pulled the needle out after i injected it bleed, i think this is normal but when does the pain go away, sorry dont want to sound like a biotch!

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    what did you inject? i shot some winny in my right bi for my first bicep inject and basically the same thing happened to me. couldnt flex, was all red and swolen, could barely even move my arm at all, if someone touched it i felt like i was gonna die basicaly, took about a week to go away.

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    keep massaging it and then ice and heat back and forth.

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    You shouldn't put heat on an injection site.... It promotes infectious bacteria.

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