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    Something a lil diff for first cycle, opinions?

    I'm 28 and 6'0" and about 215-220. BF around 15(guessing). Been training for a few years. I've been researching since May and decided on something a lil different.
    Week 1-8.. Ttokkyo Test Prop 100mg EOD
    Week 1-4.. Loeffler Dbol 25mg ED
    Week 3-8.. Fina 75mg EOD(made from kit)
    Proly proviron throughout and clomid at the end
    I thought about running fina the whole 8 weeks, but i'm already against the grain because people don't recommend it for a first cycle.
    I have LOTS of ALA,milk thistle, cranberry extract, chaste berry,beta sitosterol, and nizoral shampoo.
    Shooting for 4-5000 Cals a day of CLEAN carbs and lots of protein. Just ordered about 9 pounds from protein factory. Also taking a custom night time formula before bed.

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    looks ggod bro but i would do em everyday at the doses you posted

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    what ya think about fina the full 8 weeks?
    and from all that i read, those doses seems to be a "standard" for first timers

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    fina is a bad choice for first cycle. reason being IT WORKS VERY GOOD. so odds are since it is first cycle. and it will rapidly put alot of muscle on you, ,then what most likely will happen is it will be lost. but if you are deadset on using it then definitely do not use it for the whole 8 weeks, 6 weeks will be good. and 75mg EOD is good as well sincee it is first cycle. everything else looks good. just make sure after cycle is over, you hit weights very hard and coontinue to eat ALOT of good food and alot of good protein, and that will help keep alot of your fina gains. also you can use clen post cycle that will help keep gains and burn off some fat you migh of put on during cycle, happy growing. Slided!

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